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Family Fridays is a weekly newsletter that propels moms & dads of 3 to 13 year-olds to invest in their power-decade of parenting. I share the wins, losses and lessons we learned from 20 years of raising our kids.Our parenting north star ... we wanted to raise kids who still love home when they leave.


I co-run an online fitness business with my wife. She's the creative one and I cover the details.


These companies help me run all of our current businesses. We should talk about them together.


My wife and I started BTRIBALFIT in 2018 as a way to maximize her gifts and passions. Today it's turned into a full time business that we run together.

BTRIBALFIT gives women an easier way to eat and exercise through an online workout subscription a vibrant fitness community.

Thanks from the Robinsons

We are Brooke and Finley Robinson, married for over 20 years and running a fitness business together called B•TRIBAL•FIT.I left my job as a pastor in 2021 to go full time into life as a creator/coach. What is that exactly? It means my wife and I aiming to serve people in lots of ways. Whether it's through her fitness business, my writing, or our health and family coaching, we want to serve people however we can.Thanks for stopping by and feel free to follow along in our journey by checking out any of the links below.


My team and I use these platforms on a daily basis and I have years of knowledge of how to use them. What I enjoy more though, is talking with others who are trying to figure out what to use (or not!) for their business and what the best investment of their resources is.If you need help thinking through your strategy and technology options, then I'm offering 60 minutes of my time for free to talk through your platform needs. Book a time with me on the calendar below and let's walkthrough it together.

A terrific way to monetize your video content. Uscreen offers a wonderful team, interface, and branded apps for you to create a thriving online video business.

An incredible way to connect and communicate with your audience. Convertkit is very intuitive and their team is constantly innovating and offering more ways for you to grow your business.

If you have considered building a community to connect deeper and serve your people more, Mighty Networks will help you do that. People are at the core of every business and we have loved what this platform has enabled us to do.

Whether you want to bring people together to discuss topics, allow members to interact, host live streams, direct chat, have an online event, or gather a membership — all in one place, Circle can help you do that.